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Customize any moto z with new experiences that reflect the things you love.


moto 5G

  • Verizon moto z3 devices will be the first to gain access to the 5G network connection, followed by Verizon moto z2 devices.
  • Projected 10 times the speed of today’s wireless technology
  • 2000 mAh built-in battery for use on the go

moto power pack

  • Instantly adds up to 16 hours of battery life??
  • Super-thin, lightweight design adds power, not bulk
  • Efficiency Mode for even longer battery life??



moto stereo speaker

  • Hands-free speakerphone calls and video chats have better vocal clarity
  • The built-in kickstand adds depth and texture to audio-visual experiences
  • Your phone’s battery powers the speaker, so you never need to charge it

moto smart speaker with Amazon Alexa

  • Get the answers and support you need from Alexa, even when you’re not at home
  • Jam on with powerful stereo sound—Alexa responds to your commands over the music
  • Ask Alexa for on-screen updates from your to-do list, calendar, weather app, and more

moto gamepad

  • Physical buttons add a new dimension to your mobile gaming experience
  • Dual control sticks, D-pad, and 4 action buttons
  • Built-in 1035 mAh battery gives you up to 8 hours of game time§



Hasselblad True Zoom

  • True 10x?optical zoom
  • Xenon flash for great shots even in low light
  • Hasselblad design and ergonomics for a real imaging experience with enhanced control

moto 360 camera

  • Shoot, edit, and share 360° video, audio, and images—right from your phone
  • Capture immersive Ultra HD video with 3D sound for a lifelike playback experience
  • Instantly share or livestream to your social networks

Polaroid Insta-Share Printer

  • Shoot and print your favorite photos—right from your phone
  • Use the physical capture button to take photos, just like a real Polaroid camera
  • Print pics from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos—add filters, too!

moto insta-share projector

  • Project up to 70” on any surface
  • Works from almost any angle, anytime
  • Project and stream movies, photos and shows



moto style shell

  • Give your phone a dash of personal style without adding weight
  • Swap in seconds for any mood or occasion

moto folio

  • Protects your phone from everyday scratches and bumps
  • Magnetized closure snaps shut to securely hold an ID or credit card
  • Choose from Super Black, Fine Gold, and Grape Juice designs

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